What is Listen2YourSelfie?

Listen2YourSelfie is a prevention campaign by the Washington State Department of Health to educate 12- 17-year-olds and the risks and consequences of marijuana use.

Who is behind Listen2YourSelfie?

The Listen2YourSelfie campaign is brought to you by the Marijuana Prevention and Education Program within the Division of Prevention and Community Health at the Washington State Department of Health.

Who pays for Listen2YourSelfie?

The funding for this campaign comes directly from marijuana revenues as laid out in state Initiative 502 (I-502). For more information on I-502 and the tax reforms defined in HB 2136, please refer to the full initiative http://lcb.wa.gov/publications/Marijuana/I-502/i502.pdf.

Where do you get your information?

We are here to tell teens about the risks and consequences of using marijuana. Our information comes from sources like the Center for Disease Control and the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Isn’t marijuana legal in Washington State?

Marijuana use is legal for adults 21 and older. Listen2YourSelfie is here to talk to teens about the risks and consequences of using marijuana for people under 21. To read the full I-502 initiative, click here: http://lcb.wa.gov/publications/Marijuana/I-502/i502.pdf.

Why not focus on alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs?

There are a lot of other campaigns and organizations dedicated to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Listen2YourSelfie educates teens about the risks and consequences specific to marijuana use, as required by I-502, the initiative that legalized marijuana use for adults in Washington State.

Can you get addicted to marijuana?

Research shows that people can get addicted to marijuana. 1 out of every 6 people who try marijuana in their teens will become addicted. Research also tells us that marijuana is more addictive for teens than adults. For more information, see our health effects section.

Can marijuana be beneficial?

While doctors can authorize patients to use marijuana for some health conditions, it can also have adverse health effects. Especially for people under 21, because their brains are still developing. All drugs, whether legal or illegal, prescription or over the counter, have side effects and consequences. For more information about the consequences of marijuana, see our health effects section.

I don’t do drugs. Why am I seeing Listen2YourSelfie ads?

Listen2YourSelfie is here to provide information on marijuana to all teens in Washington State. We have no way of knowing whether you use marijuana.