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Your Brain

Did you know your brain is still developing into your 20s? The long-term impacts of marijuana use on intelligence are still unclear. But using marijuana while your brain is still growing can change your brain chemistry and interfere with it, making it hard to keep up at school and achieve other goals. Don’t let marijuana hold you back from reaching your full potential—whether that’s attending your dream school, authoring a, or balling out in the NBA.

Health Effect


Research shows that 1 in 6 people who start using marijuana as a teen will become addicted to it. And most teens who get treatment for substance abuse in Washington State report that marijuana is the main or only drug they use. The younger you start, the harder it is to quit.

Dig Deeper

Addiction is a disease that gets worse if it’s not treated. Drug addiction causes your brain to change and drives you to keep using the drug, even if it leads to bad outcomes.

Marijuana addiction is more common among teens than adults because teen brains are still developing and are more vulnerable to damage from chemicals than adult brains. Your brain doesn’t stop developing until your mid-20s. If you start using marijuana before age 14, you’re more likely to become addicted by the time you’re an adult.

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Learning & Memory

If you use marijuana regularly you’re more likely to have a hard time learning, paying attention, and remembering things. And, the more you use, the harder it is to be on point. These side effects can last even weeks after you’ve quit.

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Marijuana affects coordination, movement, and reaction times. So no matter how you use marijuana, it can impair your abilities behind the wheel, on the field, on stage, or in anything else that requires sharp attention and moving your body.

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Mood & Motivation

Because of the way marijuana messes with your brain’s chemicals, it can make you feel anxious, paranoid, and/or depressed. That means, zero chill. And, marijuana can cause you to lose interest in all the awesome activities and hobbies you used to dig.

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Marijuana, like many drugs, can affect your judgment. This can increase the chance you’ll do things that could be dangerous to you and others. Mistakes made on marijuana can have a lifelong impact, like getting in a car crash, getting arrested, or having unsafe sex and getting a sexually transmitted disease. Yikes.

Health Effect

On the Road

It’s especially dangerous to drive while high—or to ride with a high driver—because using marijuana can make it harder to understand and react to what’s happening on the road. Driving while high could cause you to get in a crash, injure yourself or others, get arrested, or lose your driver’s license. Have fun taking the bus to school again.

  • My grades impact my future—and 
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  • Struggling to keep your chill? Try 
hitting the trail (or the pavement) to clear your 
head. Using marijuana can cause or worsen 
feelings of anxiety or depression. 
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